Washington Prepares for a July 4 Spectacle, Starring and Produced by Trump

The Fourth of July in the nation’s capital is usually celebrated without any political overtones: a parade, a concert and fireworks over the Mall.
But President Trump has added a speech that includes military commanders, tanks and thousands of troops to create a made-for-television moment.

VIDEO: Armored Vehicles Arrive for Trump’s Fourth of July Festivities

https://nyti.ms/2NrjyPF https://nyti.ms/2NrjyPF via @nytvideo

WASHINGTON — Two Bradley armored vehicles rumbled into place on Wednesday in front of the Lincoln Memorial, to be joined later by two Abrams tanks parked nearby. Cranes were putting into place the scaffolding for Jumbotron screens. And workers raced to finish a red, white and blue stage where President Trump will preside over one of the most unusual Fourth of July celebrations the capital has known.

The audience for Mr. Trump’s speech will include thousands of troops assembled by the White House to create a made-for-television moment in which the nation’s commander in chief is surrounded by the forces that he leads.

Weather permitting, the traditional songs for each branch of the military will be played while their officers stand by the president’s side and a procession of aircraft, including Air Force One and the Blue Angels, roars through the skies overhead. Hundreds of guests, many of them handpicked by the Republican National Committee, will watch from bleachers in a V.I.P. section erected close to the podium.

“It will be the show of a lifetime!” the president posted Wednesday morning on Twitter.

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