The 29 most eyebrow-raising lines from Jared Kushner’s Axios interview – CNNPolitics

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(CNN)First son-in-law (and White House senior adviser) Jared Kushner sat down with Axios in a contentious interview that ran Sunday night on HBO.

I got my hands on the transcript and pulled out the most important/memorable/intriguing lines. They’re below.

1. “The first couple of years, politics was a newer thing for me. We got involved in the campaign. The President asked me to get involved.”
There are two interesting things here. One, Kushner is talking in the papal plural about himself (unless the “we” refers to he and his wife Ivanka Trump.) Two, Trump asked him to be involved in the presidential campaign — not the other way around.

2. “He respects people who are willing to be honest with him.”
This is a patently false statement about Trump by Kushner. Time and time again over his first few years in office, we’ve seen Trump move advisers and Cabinet officials out who disagree with him on almost anything. The more accurate way to express Trump’s approach to truth and straight talk is this: He respects people who tell him what he wants to hear…



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