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The Bezos story has a little bit everything (including Donald Trump).

The Bezos Story Is BIG.

Bezos story is big NYT merlin_143699748_5ce384b7-67d3-496d-9717-7599f3dfb626-superJumbo.jpgLet’s call the Jeff Bezos story “50 Shades Richer”: Billionaires! Sex! Political intrigue! Allegations of blackmail!

By Gail Collins and Bret Stephens

“…The Bezos story does have everything, including Donald Trump, whose great pals at The National Enquirer got hold of, um, embarrassing pictures Bezos exchanged with his girlfriend. Then according to Bezos — who’s the owner of The Washington Post — Pecker’s team threatened to make them public unless he said the National Enquirer’s stories about his sex life weren’t politically motivated.”

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Jeff Bezos bombshell could lead to other National Enquirer plots being exposed, source says – CNN

Bezos blackmail and the National Enquirer explained

“It will all come out now”: Jeff Bezos’ bombshell could lead to other National Enquirer plots being exposed.

New York (CNN Business)Jeff Bezos, the Amazon founder and chief executive, published an explosive blog post Thursday evening accusing the National Enquirer of blackmail and extortion.

In that post was one line that stood out.

Bezos wrote that “numerous people” have contacted his investigative team about “similar experiences” with the National Enquirer and its parent company, American Media Inc.

Who are those people? And, more importantly, what other “similar experiences” were they referring to?

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