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The Mad Man is the story of how a philosophy student’s research draws him into the sexual underground of 1980s and early nineties New York. This book was written by a Facebook friend, the world-famous Samuel Delany.

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Delany is the award-winning author of the sci-fi classic, Dhalgren (see link below).

The Mad Man: Or, The Mysteries of Manhattan
by Samuel R. Delany
520 pages
On sale for $1.99

John Marr is surprised he doesn’t have AIDS.

During the day Marr works on his graduate thesis—an analysis of the work of a brilliant 1970s philosopher who died mysteriously in a bar in Hell’s Kitchen. As his research and his sex life begin to converge, Marr senses that if AIDS doesn’t get him, something darker will.

The Mad Man, which the author dubbed a “pornotopic fantasy,” is more than a powerful work of philosophical erotica; it is a snapshot of a vanished moment in New York City’s history, when fear and lust commingled in a single powerful force.

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