What do Americans think about Brexit? New Yorkers speak out as Theresa May delays vote on deal | The Independent

dufeei7wkaa1awtAs Prime Minister Theresa May battles to save her Brexit plans from failure, one question remains for Americans: what the hell is happening on the other side of the pond?

We recently asked a dozen New Yorkers for their thoughts on Brexit to gain a better understanding of whether Americans were still tuning in to the latest developments out of Britain.

…[Some] claimed the Brexit vote may have been an impulse decision for many, with British voters now facing “buyer’s remorse” according to [one] New Yorker.

…“I think it was an emotional decision … and I think that they kind of have buyer’s remorse,” the man, whose name is Jacob, said about the country’s first vote on Brexit. “I think there should be a second referendum. I don’t know if that’s possible, I don’t know if it’s legal, I don’t know, but I think they should give it time now that they’ve really had the time to educate the people.”

The majority of New Yorkers we spoke to said they supported a second referendum, with one father named Eric saying, “I’m sure at this point people are more informed than they were when they first voted.”

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