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Ecrits: The First Complete Edition in English: Jacques Lacan, Bruce Fink

“Fink’s precise translation makes this pivotal period in Lacan’s thought more accessible to English speakers.”―Publishers Weekly

Brilliant and innovative, Jacques Lacan’s work lies at the epicenter of modern thought about otherness, subjectivity, sexual difference, the drives, the law, and enjoyment. This new translation of his complete works offers welcome, readable access to Lacan’s seminal thinking on diverse subjects touched upon over the course of his inimitable intellectual career.

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My Teaching: Jacques Lacan, David Macey, Jacques-Alain Miller

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Lacan thought that Freud’s ideas of “slips of the tongue,” jokes, and the interpretation of dreams all emphasized the agency of language in subjective constitution…he proposes that “the unconscious is structured like a language.” The unconscious is not a primitive or archetypal part of the mind separate from the conscious, linguistic ego, he explained, but rather a formation as complex and structurally sophisticated as consciousness itself.


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